Geotechnical engineering services are needed at construction and civil engineering projects to characterize and address the geological and soil conditions at the site. For new construction, a geotechnical investigation can be essential to determine the soil properties, stability and bearing capacity of the ground. This information helps in designing the foundation and ensuring the safety of the structure.

For Infrastructure projects like roads, highways, railways and airports, geotechnical studies are crucial to the design of proper subgrade, pavement structures, and retaining walls, by taking into account soil properties and load-bearing capacities.

Earthworks and excavations often require geotechnical assessments to ensure stability and safety. Slope stability analysis, foundation repair and retrofitting, and geohazard mitigation are other situations where geotechnical engineering helps in diagnosing problems and recommending appropriate remediation measures.

Budinger is both the oldest and the largest geotechnical company that is locally owned and operated in Eastern Washington. With nine licensed professional engineers and geologists, we have the expertise to meet the needs of your project. Local experience is our principal advantage.

Budinger is an excellent choice when quick response is a concern.  We prioritize our customer relations, and understand the value in nurturing and continuing the relationships with the local agencies and clients we’ve worked closely with for four decades.

  • Building Foundations
  • Airfield Pavements
  • Roads
  • Earthwork
  • Towers
  • Reservoirs
  • Dams
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Earth Retention Systems
  • Bridges
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