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Subsurface Exploration

At Budinger & Associates, Inc., subsurface exploration is a core competence. We excel at using the right tools to get the right information for your project, timely and cost-effectively. Responding quickly and meeting budgets are essential, but conscientious clients expect more.

We know that access to your project is a privilege granted on the condition that we contribute to site safety and protection of natural resources. Choosing Budinger means more than hiring a driller. You get a licensed exploration professional with years of experience contributing to great subsurface exploration programs.

Of course, we cover the basics including hollow stem auger drilling and SPT sampling. Here in the rugged Northwest, however, our air rotary overburden system answers the call of tough formations.

Budinger's exploration professionals

Our direct push system reduces waste disposal on environmental projects, while our electronic cone (CPT/U) can reveal very small stratigraphy variations and correlate with engineering parameters.

Pore pressure monitoring devices and data loggers are deployable for a variety of time intervals for aquifer tests lasting a few hours to measurements of seasonal groundwater variations over several years.

Is quality less important for subsurface exploration than the laboratory simply because it is conducted outdoors? Not at Budinger & Associates, Inc. Expect the same quality systems approach and national accreditation from your exploration professional as your materials testing laboratory. That’s why materials quality guidelines such as ASTM E 329 make no distinction between lab and field.