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Christensen Bridge, Spokane County, WA

The existing timber bridge crossing Deep Creek on Christensen Road in Spokane County will be replaced with a pre-cast, pre-stressed, concrete girder bridge spanning approximately 98 feet. BAI completed the geotechnical study that required drilling and sampling, performing two electronic cone penetrometer tests with pore pressure measurement, and laboratory testing on representative soil parameters. BAI completed the geotechnical recommendations for design of earth work, pile foundations, abutment walls, drainage, and pavements.

Clearwater Paper Chlorine Building, Lewiston, ID

Support for an existing CMU building that is part of the chlorine system at the mill will be transferred to micropiles from existing spread footings to accommodate additional future heave. BAI designed the micropile elements including micropile structural and geotechnical capacity. Grout to ground bond strengths were developed in basalt rock beginning 30 feet below ground surface.

Combined Sewer Overflow 38 and 39/40, Spokane, WA

Sewer overflow control structures were constructed adjacent to Spokane River north of Mission Avenue. New 300-foot long reinforced concrete flow control structures were buried up to 30 feet below ground surface. Budinger was responsible for geotechnical engineering services to establish foundation design parameters and evaluate constructability to reach the required depths adjacent to existing features that included the river bank, city street, utilities, houses, and an apartment complex.

Convention Center Hotel, Spokane, WA

A new 20-floor hotel with 700 rooms is nearing completion at 333 W. Spokane Falls Boulevard across the street from the INB Perform Arts Center in Spokane, WA. BAI conducted the geotechnical study involving interpretation of the subsurface soil and rock conditions to address the suitability of the site to support the proposed structures and provide geotechnical parameters needed for others to design and construct, as well as special inspection and construction materials testing services.

Fairchild Air Force Base Airfield Drainage Improvements, Airway Heights, WA

BAI is currently working on determining and developing a sustainable drainage system statement and conceptual design to mitigate bird/wildlife aircraft strike hazards caused by standing water in the flightline ditches and ponds, and to achieve the goal of removal of all standing water on the flightline. This includes the replacement of the current airfield ponds and flightline ditches with a drainage system that can handle runoff from various sectors of the base without creating an ideal habitat for wildlife to occupy and achieves removal of standing water on and near the flightline.

Grangemont Road, Clearwater County, Idaho

The 2014 Grangemont Road project consisted of reducing grade and realigning the road’s corners near mile post 19. BAI performed laboratory testing of aggregate, subbase, and hot-mixed asphalt (HMA). We also conducted compaction testing of HMA and aggregate. BAI worked alongside the Idaho Department of Transportation to test and document material placement helping provide assurance that the roadway was constructed in accordance with plans and ITD standards.

Highline Grain Facility, Four Lakes, WA

A major new grain trans loading facility is under construction between the Cheney and Medical Lake exits on Interstate 90. Plans for the facility include a scale, truck route, receiving pit, rail load-out shed, and storage silos of varying construction type, group configuration, and heights up to 190 feet tall. Also anticipated were towers, underground conveyer tunnel, and boot pit 12 to 24 feet deep below the main finished ground surface. BAI provided geotechnical engineering services as well as construction materials testing and special inspection services for the new facility.

Hutton Elementary, Spokane, WA

BAI completed geotechnical engineering services needed to support design and construction of two new additions addressing earthwork, foundations, pavements, and drainage as well as provided special inspection and construction materials testing services.

Joel E. Ferris High School, Spokane, WA

A modernized gym and workout room were added to the high school as well as a new library, classrooms, and technical-education wing. BAI provided geotechnical analysis, special inspection, and construction materials testing services for the different phases of the modernization project, which also included a new running track and tennis courts.

Kaiser Trentwood Aluminum Soaking Pit #44

We installed 80 soil anchors and 5 micropiles for the pit retaining wall as part of significant upgrades to the rolling mill. Soil anchors were post-tensioned to 30 kips.

MLK Way Phase II, Spokane, WA (geotechnical)

An extension of MLK Way was planned as well as stormwater improvements that included direct injection elements, such as drywells, and a combined sewer overflow structure north of Front Avenue. Required embankment fill utilized the excess soil from the Phase I construction project stockpiled on-site. Mechanically stabilized earth walls were planned adjacent to the Spokane River. BAI completed the geotechnical services for the new stretch of roadway and the stormwater improvements.

MLK Way Phase II, Spokane, WA (environmental)

The former coal, tar and gas production site was closed with institutional controls, a protective cap and restrictive covenant. Approximately 18,000 cubic yards of soil excavated during Phase I of the Riverside Extension project contain similar contaminants as the convention center site from past railroad use. We worked with the City of Spokane and Washington State Department of Ecology to utilize the soils as structural fill for the proposed roadway embankment. This required adapting the institutional of controls and restrictive covenant to fit the roadway design and construction.

New Convention Center Hotel Avista Vault, Spokane, WA

A shoring system protects Spokane Falls Boulevard roadway and an extensive network of utilities. Construction of a 14-foot deep transformer vault included micropiles and consolidation grouting to improve face stability of highly-stratified deposits of sand, gravel, cobbles, boulders, and basalt rock.

Spokane County Water Reclamation and Reuse Facility, Spokane, WA

BAI has been the special inspection agency for the contractor – CH2M Hill Constructors, Inc. – responsible for design, construction, operation, and maintenance of this new 127 million dollar wastewater plant to serve Spokane County. We were responsible for special inspections of earthwork, reinforced concrete, structural masonry, and structural steel components.

Target Department Store and Regal Plaza at Palouse, Spokane, WA

A new 150,000-square foot Target department store and a 454,000-square foot parking lot were constructed southeast of the intersection of Regal Street and the Palouse Highway as part of a new business park. BAI provided geotechnical engineering services as well as construction materials testing and special inspection services to both the Target Department Store and the adjoined Regal Plaza at Palouse.